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Make UK announces its 3rd National Manufacturing Day in 2024

Make UK has announced the date of its 3rd National Manufacturing Day which, this year, will take place on Thursday 26th September 2024.


Following the extremely well attended event last year, Make UK will once again work closely with UK manufacturers as they open up to their local communities, schools and colleges, giving behind-the-scenes access to a sector of global importance. A sector that plays a pivotal role in the economic life of local communities across the UK. 


The day itself will be a national celebration of UK manufacturing and a chance to raise the profile of the sector.


Businesses will put on a variety of tours, demonstrations of what they do, and give people the chance to talk to their apprentices and members of staff about the job opportunities on offer and what it is really like to work in modern manufacturing. Showcasing roles that pay more than the national average and, throughout someone’s career, provide constant opportunities for training and retraining – so work never becomes dull.


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