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GetMyFirstJob and TheTalentPeople


GetMyFirstJob and TheTalentPeople were established to help companies access the talent they need when they need it. Our vision is for a world where people from every background are inspired to connect with insight, development and employers who are right for them. Using a wide range of technologies, we help candidates become better informed about opportunities so when they start in a new role it’s based on an informed decision having considered all their options. As a result, we help break down existing barriers; from challenging stereotypes based on age, sector, or background to sharing the many new opportunities available to all through apprenticeships. Through this work, employers large and small can access better more informed candidates who become the talent of the future.


Manufacturing Management


For almost 75 years, Manufacturing Management has been the lead source of information for factory managers tasked with improving manufacturing performance, productivity and profit in their sites. We aim to build close and established relationships with our customers built on trust and a full understanding of your needs. We always aim to deliver upon your key objectives and exceed expectations, resulting in a long-term and profitable partnership. Manufacturing Management provides up-to-date, relevant information and opinion that aids manufacturing leaders in making crucial, strategic decisions. We are proud of our editorial heritage and will always cover the biggest stories and key topics.

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