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Get My First Job with National Manufacturing Day 2023

Make UK partners with career experts GetMyFirstJob to put young talent at the heart of British business

As hundreds of Manufacturing companies prepare to open their doors to local communities on September 28th, Make UK is excited to be working with GetMyFirstJob to engage with young people up and down the country to promote the amazing careers available in manufacturing.

The UK remains the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world but young people still do not realise it’s a rewarding and exciting sector for a career. With an ageing workforce the manufacturing sector needs to attract bright young talent.

Young people can start an apprenticeship in Manufacturing straight from GCSE’s and there are opportunities available nationally. The sector has some of the highest starting wages around, and brilliant prospects for learning and climbing the career ladder quickly.

One of the main issues for UK Manufacturers is talent pipeline, ensuring young people are aware of the variety of opportunities available to them is key. GetMyFirstJob is passionate about apprenticeships and ensuring all young people have access to careers information. TikTok is the number one platform for young people to access careers advice.

To ensure that we are engaging with this audience GetMyFirstJob and Make UK are launching a TikTok campaign to make sure that as many young people as possible come along to see what’s on offer on National Manufacturing Day and take a look inside their local manufacturing businesses – and hopefully grab themselves an apprenticeship or a job. GetMyFirstJob works to break down barriers and make sure opportunities are available to all across all areas of the UK.

Jenny Bicknell, Director of Education Solutions, GetMyFirstJob/TheTalentPeople said:

‘‘GetMyFirstJob is delighted to partner with Make UK on National Manufacturing Day and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. We believe in connecting the disconnected by supporting and offering insight and opportunity to everyone, no matter their background.

“By partnering with Make UK, whose values align with our own, we can do just this. GetMyFirstJob and Make UK are dedicated to sharing what is possible when it comes to the manufacturing industry, and as disadvantaged young people are twice as likely to be unemployed, we are very excited to showcase the range of opportunities available.”

Ben Fletcher, Chief Operating Officer from Make UK said:

“Having a dedicated partner for National Manufacturing Day who as passionate and dedicated as us to inspire the next generation ensures that we are getting the message of National Manufacturing Day to the right audience. It is so important for us to be engaging with this pipeline of talent, it is vital to the success of the UK manufacturing sector. We are pleased to be working with GetMyFirstJob on this important mission to create the sectors future makers. This partnership will ensure our members are reaching Gen Z and showcasing the amazing apprenticeships and careers available to them. Manufacturing needs a diverse workforce in order to grow and develop, GetMyFirstJob are the perfect partner to ensure we reach all young people with our messaging.”

On National Manufacturing Day Make UK in partnerships with GetMyfirstJob are also hosting a careers showcase at Millennium Point in Birmingham for Midlands schools to meet with employers and learn more about the careers that are on offer within the manufacturing sector.

To get involved in National Manufacturing Day is easy take a look at our dedicated microsite National Manufacturing Day (NMD) so see what’s going on near you. Use the postcode finder and sign up for an event, and come and see the true value that manufacturing brings to your local area.


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