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C.Brandauer & Co Ltd, our NMD 2022 Success Story. Home Grown Apprentice Talent

Rowan Crozier, CEO of C Brandauer & Co Ltd, is supporting Make UK’s second National Manufacturing Day after recruiting two engineering apprentices from the events he hosted at Make UK’s NMD last year.

The company ran paid work experience for six children and grandchildren of their employees for a whole week, culminating on NMD itself. The students saw engineering brought to life and were hooked.

Rowan said:

“From the first day we had them building components and assemblies which will end up on our future electric vehicles. The work ignited their enthusiasm, and by the end of NMD 2022, two had signed up with us for an engineering apprenticeship and it was all because we had taken part in this great initiate from Make UK.

“I cannot urge companies more to sign up and take part in National Manufacturing Day 2023 so they too can find their engineers and managers of the future.”


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