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We are continuing to update the resources for you to use so make sure you check back regularly to download all of the materials available.

Template letter to MPs for Members [.docx]

NMD 2024 - Proud to be Part of Logo [.png]

Example Copy for Social Media Posts [.pdf]

Template Press Releases for Members [.zip]

Schools Engagement Guide [.pdf]

This is Engineering Portal [Website]

Template letter to Schools for Members [.docx]

NMD 2024 - Proud to Support Logo [.png]

Example Manufacturer Flyer [.docx]

How To Toolkit for NMD Event Hosts [.pdf]

NMD 2024 Hashtag Board - 594w x 250h mm [.pdf]

About National Manufacturing Day [.docx]

Social Media Assets x10 [.zip]

Example Manufacturer Poster [.docx]

NMD Webinar – Inspiration for your event [YouTube]

NMD 2024 Pull Up Banner Print File [.pdf]

The This is Engineering Portal is a brilliant portal to explore more about the roles and careers pathways available in engineering.

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