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Peerless Plastics & Coatings
Peerless Plastics & Coatings

Peerless Plastics & Coatings

Time & Location

Thur 28th Sept 2023 - Contact for more info

16 – 20 Howlett Way, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 1HZ

About the event

We specialise in applying hard coatings to plastic substrates to make them scratch and chemical resistant as well as adding other properties such as anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-microbial, anti-static, etc. making the plastic sheets last longer and for a variety of manufacturing applications. We also provide spray painting, CNC machining, large format digital printing, screen printing, injection moulding and assembly services to our customers. We are trying to add as many services, under one roof, as we can to help with sustainability and to improve our customers carbon footprints. We are also passionate about the environment and sustainability, we have added solar panels to our factory roof, invested in new more energy efficient machinery and are members of various sustainability groups.

How we will be involved with National Manufacturing Day:

We will provide a practical display of our products (hard coatings) and offer a factory tour to groups of 6 (with at least 15 minutes between each group) throughout the day, showing them each of the departments and explaining our processes.


Contact: Peter Llewellyn-Stamp

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