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Opening doors for future makers

Thursday 26 September 2024


Following the overwhelming success of our two previous National Manufacturing Days in 2022 and 2023, on Thursday 26th September 2024, Manufacturers throughout the UK will once again be opening their doors. Members of the public will be invited into factories and sites for a behind-the-scenes look at how Manufacturers' facilities work, as part of this UK-wide Open House.

Local communities will have the chance to see the potential careers and jobs on offer within the wonderfully diverse manufacturing sector, as employers engage with all age groups - from school leavers, graduates, people looking to reskill and the local residents. 

For Make UK and Manufacturers, this is an opportunity to showcase the diversity of a truly fascinating sector,  the range of highly skilled jobs on offer and the amazing opportunities for reskilling and career development within manufacturing in the UK.


Manufacturers will participate in a number of ways, from a single tour to a full programme of events, with Make UK assisting every step of the journey.


Together, we will demonstrate the value of a manufacturing apprenticeship as an alternative route post school/college. National Manufacturing Day is a celebration of all of the industry’s sub-sectors including automotive, food and drink, aerospace, defence, chemical and pharma.


Put the date in your diary - we look forward to sharing this great day.



Explore our interactive map and locate one of the many UK manufacturing employers, throughout the country, pledged to opening their doors on National Manufacturing Day.


We're asking you to join the ever growing number of employers who have pledged to open their doors on National Manufacturing Day. We have some fantastic companies on board and we'd love for you to be part of this national gathering. Help to grow the awareness of manufacturing and the fantastic careers which can be made for the next generation.

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